Tuesday, April 19, 2005

To My Roman Catholic Brothers and Sisters

I would like to congratulate you and your Pope on his election. I have long held Cardinal Ratzinger in very high regard and I am very happy to see that he will lead the Catholic Church as Pope. It is not possible to have made a better choice.

I would have provided a link in this post as I always do, but I could not find one that was really respectful of him or one that was celebratory of his election, but that is to be expected of a corrupt, liberal press.

I will discuss the mass media in a later post, but I will say that contrary to their lies, the Catholic Church in American and worldwide has grown strongly. When you hear some talking head say otherwise they are lying. That is for a later post, when I am able to find the actual numbers. But, American growth of the Church has been something like 40% during the Papcy of John Paul II. In South American and Africa it has been much more. Contrast that with the numbers for the Episcopalian, Presbyterians, Methodists, United Church of Christ, and other demoniations where the popular political tastes in favor of abortion, female clergy, euthanasia, actively homosexual clergy, and other abominations have been adopted. They are losing. The Catholic Church and the Orthodox Churches are growing. This is all for later.

The main job of a Bishop is to provide the spiritual guidance and teaching needed to keep Satan from destroying the Church, to ensure that the "gates of Hell" do not prevail. Pope Benedict XVI can provide that leadership. It will be good for both the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church. It will be good for all of mankind.

God bless Pope Benedict XVI, the Roman Catholic Church, and the Orthodox Church. May he succeed in bringing us closer together.

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