Wednesday, April 13, 2005

George Bush a Model for Canadian Leadership?

Peter Worthinton of the Toronto Sun thinks so. In his column on Sunday, April 10th titled Traits of great leaders he writes;
With British Prime Minister Tony Blair calling a general election for May 5, and an election looming in Canada whenever the opposition wants one, the question of leadership is again an issue.

"Leadership" is what last November's U.S. election was all about -- and George Bush set an example that all might follow, regardless of whether one seeks a top job, a middle role, or just about any task that depends on persuading people.

A case can be made that there are four "C's" that are vital for success in democratic politics -- or any occupation that requires motivation and trust: Conviction, courage, common sense and character -- hopefully interlocked, but not necessarily.

These four are the ingredients of leadership, and when complemented with a fifth "C" -- charisma -- well, then you have Alexander the Great, Robert E. Lee or Winston Churchill -- in varying degrees.

* Conviction: A political leader should believe what he (or she) espouses, and the greater his belief in himself and his cause, the more convincing he is. Ronald Reagan had conviction, as did Margaret Thatcher.

So does George Bush, whose convictions were more believable than, say, John Kerry's. Tyrants have conviction too; witness Hitler and Mao Zedong.
The Lefties™ love to see a comparisons of GWB to Hitler (but not Mao, who is a hero to them) but that will not fly.
* Character: This may be the most elusive and intangible of all the qualities of leadership. It's possible to have the other traits of leadership, and to create a following with great success, yet not have the qualities of character or moral strength that democratic society aspires to.

The Hitlers, Stalins, Idi Amins and Pol Pots of history had followings and power, but not the quality of character that results in positive or benign leadership.
And that is the difference between President Bush and the others that the Left™ refuses to see.

THAT is why the Left™ is morally bankrupt.

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