Saturday, April 23, 2005

Against All Christians

First I must apologize to my small (but very high quality) readership. I have not yet adapted my schedule to the existence of a job, but I'm getting there.

In the Mere Comments section of the Touchstone Magazine website a letter by Pastor Doug Smith in Canada makes an important point about the continuing attacks on Pope Benedict XVI. In Papal Attack Hits Canada he responds to Touchstone Magazine's coverage of Pope Benedict XVI;
I heartily agree with Hutchens: the attack against the "Hardliner Pope" is not merely an attack against Roman Catholics but all Believers whatever their particular stripe. (I am an Evangelical minister serving in Flin Flon Mb. Canada.) In fact here is an editorial I wrote for our local paper recently:
Go read his editorial, it is good.

In fact, while you're there go ahead and browse Mere Comments. It is as close to being a blog as a company will get (no blogroll) so you should have no problem navigating the site.

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