Sunday, April 17, 2005

Happy Birthday to Kim Il Sung

A birthday celebration for the monster father of the monster son.
North Korea Fetes Birthday of Late Great Leader Kim
Excitement and joy reigned in North Korea, official media reported, as the impoverished, secretive state celebrated the 93rd anniversary of the birth of Kim Il-sung, its founder and eternal president.

Pyongyang was pulling out all the festive stops for Kim‘s birthday, which it calls "the Day of the Sun."

Former Indonesian president Megawati Sukarnoputri was in the capital to attend the opening of the annual Kimilsungia festival, celebrating the flower named after the late "Great Leader."

Floral tributes were placed beneath Kim‘s statues across the country, North Korean media said.

Around the world, meanwhile, admirers from Kyrgyzstan to Mongolia and from Congo to Peru [all of the great democratic rulers in the world - ed.] were reported to have met to praise the former guerrilla leader‘s exploits.
Oddly, due to the combined effects of his personal charisma (something that Kim Jong Il does not have) and the "psychological conditioning" of the people Kim Il Sung was widely popular and the country was truly saddened at his death.

But, as to universal joy on his birthday;
While North Koreans in their tens of thousands visited Pyongyang landmarks on Friday to pay respects to the dead leader, several million others were believed to be starving in different parts of the country, human rights activists said.

International aid agency Caritas issued an urgent appeal this week for $2.5 million in donations to provide food, medical supplies and help for farms in the North.
As I have posted earlier, recent crackdowns and the clearing of the border area with China indicate that the famine in North Korea is worsening.

Happy Birthday, Kim.

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