Monday, April 04, 2005

A "Death Sentence" for the Mexican People

This is the belief of at least one Left™ politician in Mexico, [Mexican] Congressman Jesus Gonzalez Schmal. Fox's Failure With Bush a 'Death Sentence' for the Mexican People. Apparently if Mexicans are not allowed to enter the United Stated illegally, it is a human disaster. This piece is a translation from Watching America. It is the "greatest dream" of the Fox administration to have a massive export of manual labor to the United States. I suppose that if your country it too corrupt to develop a real economy, this is the best that you can do (and blame it on the U.S. too, BTW)
First in Arizona, and now also in Texas, ant-immigrant groups are increasing their efforts to frustrate the biggest part of the Fox political platform: The dream of a massive export of manual labor [to the United States], with at least basic respect for human rights.
Why is this a crisis?
Long ago, and for very sober reasons, manual laborers began to flee the country, especially young people who are not likely to find a dignified vocation on national territory. The brutal treatment of Mexicans in the United States is extremely aggravating, as these workers are the source of billions of dollars annually, money that today holds greater levels of poverty at bay. In macroeconomic terms, migrant workers in the United States send $16 billion back to Mexico annually, improving our balance of accounts with the outside.
In this idiot's leftist rant, the issue of the "right" of Mexicans to illegally enter another sovereign nation is somehow linked to a water usage agreement. Bracketed material is supplied by the translator.
For that reason, it is inconceivable that Fox has yet to convince Bush of the need to address the issue of migration. He should at least get some benefit for repaying a debt of 2 billion cubic meters of water, in line with a 1944 water use agreement (even given the prolonged droughts that have occurred in northern Mexico over the past 12 years), under which Mexico was forced to allow Texas farmers to use water from our Bravo river basin.

[The 1944 Water Treaty for the Utilization of Waters of the Colorado and Tijuana Rivers and of the Bravo river (Rio Grande) established that U.S. would deliver 1,850 million cubic meters of water annually from the Colorado river basin to Mexico, while in the same period, Mexico would deliver 431 million cubic meters of water from the Bravo (Grande) river basin. But, beginning in 1992 Mexico has been annually delivering only a portion of the 431 million cubic meters in the Bravo (Grande) basin.]

Without good reason, Fox has released this tremendous amount of our indispensable water resources. It is not only climatic conditions that make such a payment impossible, but it is the lack of water-resource planning, which has led to the drying-up of huge areas in the Matamoros Valley, in the river basin of the Conchos, the plains to the north of the Republic, and of our underground irrigation systems.
And the "death sentence";
The cost of all of this to Mexico is dramatic.

In human terms, it means the extraction nearly a million young people and workers every year, and who face more and more difficulties every day, as they expose themselves the increased risk of being killed, and to the humiliation of being repatriated.
At no point in this rant is there even the tiniest hint of respect for American law or even American sovereignty over its own soil.

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