Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Arab Tyrants Want Understanding / Love

The tyrants of Egypt and Syria are feeling put upon. those evil Americans (under Israeli influence) are trying to dismantle the "Arab State" (which means Arab dominated governments in all of the Middle East and Central Asia).

Ghassan Moukahal, a Lebanese journalist who apparently loves his Syrian and Hizzbullah occupiers, writes in the 31 March - 6 April 2005 issue of Al-Ahram, States in custody. Deep-level Western racism has kept Arabs from fully realising their rights of self-determination.
This piece has it all, American imperialism, evil Israeli influence, and the fact that the "Arab State" cannot succeed because Israel exists.
The recent twist of events in Lebanon may seem extraordinary, but it's not. Events in Lebanon have much in common with other things happening around the region. Once again, the Arab state is being portrayed as the root of all evil. Once again, the Arab state is blamed for the region's lack of peace and reform.

Time was that all the ills in this region were blamed on Israel, an aggressive state created with the blessing of Western imperialism and racism. Time was that Western countries, particularly the US, were blamed for keeping the Arabs down. [ah, the good old days - ed.] Not anymore. Israel and the West, particularly the US, are no longer the culprits. The woes of the region are now commonly attributed to the corruption, repression and irrationality of the "Arab state".
Of course blaming anything on the corruption, repressions, and irrationality of the "Arab state" is just silly.
The Al-Hariri assassination is just a fa├žade. The true aim of that investigation is to bring about changes in Lebanon and Syria. The true objective of that investigation is to reshape both countries in a manner that best suits US and Israeli purposes -- for example, to get rid of Hizbullah.

The US wants to see the end of the "Arab state" in Lebanon. The US wants to end the political formula on which the state was created following the Taif agreement. This agreement was borne from the defeat of US and Israeli policy in Lebanon in the 1980s. The US and Israel are still seeking the same objectives for which Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982.
At least the last sentence is right. The objective was to put an end to Hizbullah attacks on Israel from across the border.
Lebanon's chieftains must be aware of US and Israeli goals, and apparently, they have no objection. What the state would lose in power, the chieftains would gain in stature. They may be clamouring for democracy and progress, but Lebanon's chieftains are feudal at heart. Needless to say, democracy cannot survive unless backed by a strong state.
Like Syria maybe. We can see just how much the Lebanese people like living under Syrian occupation.

Oh, and the Kurds and the British are guilty of injuring Arab honor too.
The Kurds are acting as if they are the victors; not just in Iraq, but in the entire region. They have gone so far as to demand the control of land that has been Arab for hundreds, if not thousands, of years in Iraq and Syria. The Kurds even reject the Iraqi national flag on the pretext that they have been oppressed under that flag, even though they are not the only ones who were persecuted by Saddam. I would like to remind all that the modern Iraqi state bore the legacy of the British occupation that preceded it. The Iraqi state inherited the use of military violence against the Kurds from the British. It was the latter who used chemical weapons against the Kurds in the 1920s -- the first ever instance of chemical weapons used against civilians in human history.
If you have a strong stomach and what some entertainment, read all of this whining little idiot's "we are so put upon" rant. If this is how Arab populations think, then they deserve to live the way they do. In spite of the best efforts of the mainstream media and its pro-PLO sympathizers we know that the majority population of Iraq do not. Judging by the spontaneous crowds that have been protesting Syrian and Hizzbullah occupation of Lebanon (vice Hizzbullah's staged affairs) the Lebanese do not either. I wonder how much the Syrians like their personality cult government?

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