Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Catholic Church Will Not Liberalize - Pt. II

We have already shown that the Catholic Church is healthy and increasing in numbers (as is the Orthodox Church) as a result of Pope John Paul II's respect for and adherence to orthodox Christianity. Pope John Paul II's and the Churches conservatism comes from historic Traditional Christianity, not politics.

That said, I was wandering around in Touchstone Magazine's website and, in the Mere Comments section found From the Inbox 8 April 2005. Towards the end;
Third, in This got the juices flowing, Joseph Knippenberg of Oglethorpe College in Atlanta wrote about a dim but typical attack on the pope, which annoyed him as a Protestant. We have two articles of his in the hopper, by the way. You may want to scroll down and read the other entries in the weblog.
In this piece he fisks an article from the Globe and Mail. This is a brilliant fisking of an article that begins like this;
Pope’s protracted death a PR-boon for Catholicism

Pope John Paul II was the first pope to die in the era of the 24-hour cable-news network. He was not the first celebrity: The mourning of Diana, Princess of Wales, probably came close to rivalling his in terms of sheer broadcast hours. But John Paul took much longer to die than producers had planned, and his dying days pushed the constant-news medium to its conceptual limit....
It's hard to imagine being more coldly cynical than this, but when you go and read the entire post, you'll see the additional links at the bottom of the post.

One of those links take you to a piece by Hans Küng, The Pope's Contradictions, written while the late Pope was still alive on his deathbed, that deserves its own fisking. This is what I was writing about in the earlier post. Hans Küng is a Catholic theologian and priest who holds that the Church must change with the times and comform to current popular political trends to stay "relevent", including abortion, female clergy, a married priesthood (which is not in conflict with Holy Tradition), etc. Oh, and in case you wondered, Pope John Paul II is, "partly responsible for uncontrolled population growth in some countries and the spread of AIDS in Africa."

I will give that piece the fisking it deserves in a later post.

The execrable Seattle PI printing this from the equally execrable Independent, Putting a human face on absolutism, written before the Pope's funeral. Go read it now, I'll fisk it later.

The liberals are on the attack, criticizing the Pope even before his death and/or funeral and belittling the love of hundreds of millions for a great man.

I expect it to get only worse.

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