Friday, April 08, 2005

North Korean Military Leadership Paranoid

I realize that any kind of North Korean paranoia comes as a big surprise to my loyal readers. The JoongAng Daily reports; North manual says U.S. aims at leaders.
April 08, 2005 ㅡ In an apparently authentic military manual on political thought, North Korea warns that if the United States strikes the communist regime, Washington's war planners will put a higher priority on targeting Pyongyang's military leadership than on destroying its nuclear facilities.
The 39-page education guideline, published by the North Korean Peoples' Army in 2004, was obtained by the JoongAng Ilbo. The booklet says "the heart of the revolution" is the prime target, in clear reference to North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-il.
South Korean intelligence officials and experts said the document appeared genuine.
Paranoid? Just maybe.
"The United States and its running dogs have founded new terror information organizations and are infiltrating spies and terrorists into our country," the booklet says. "Officers must teach their soldiers in great detail about the U.S. concentration of advanced murder weapons and psychological warfare on North Korean operations."
And to all of those liberals who just cannot admit that President Bush's foreign policy is successful;
"Saddam's 100,000 soldiers had pledged loyalty to their leader, but abandoned the president as the enemies' psychological warfare reached a peak," the manual says. "Benefiting from bribery in Iraq, the United States has been trying to use the same tactic toward North Korea. The main targets of such bribery operatives are our military officers."
After reviewing the document, North Korea experts in the South said it hinted that leaders in Pyongyang were fearful. "North Korean power elites' shock and frustration after seeing the fall of Saddam are so evident in many passages of the document," said Jeung Young-tai, a senior research fellow with the state-run think tank, Korea Institute for National Unification. "On the surface, it stressed the importance of loyalty to North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, but beneath you can smell the leadership's fear of losing internal allegiances."
Referring to the collapse of regimes in the Soviet Union, Romania and Iraq, the manual warns the North Korean secret service about propaganda and possible bribery attempts by foreign agents.
"The enemies are employing all possible measures to obtain confidential information regarding the operations of guarding the top North Korean officials," the booklet says.
Of course, like in Islam, in Communism and Juchism there is only one real punishment for anything;
The manual ordered the military leaders to emphasize frugality, saying, "Enemies' bribes are either a poison or a dagger. Those receiving bribes from enemies always walk on the path of death."
Of course it might not be paranoia if...

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