Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Liberal Judenhass Watch

I will use the word "Judenhass" because "antisemitism" has now been expanded to include all "semitic" people, although Arab claims to that status are shakey at best. Of course they do this only as a device to shield themselves from that charge while they continue to practice plain, old fashioned jew hatred (judenhass). From Wikipedia;
The political writer Wilhelm Marr is credited with coining the German word Antisemitismus in 1873, at a time when racial science was fashionable in Germany but religious prejudice was not. This term was offered as an alternative to the older German word Judenhass, meaning Jew-hatred. The aim of the effort to rename "Jew-hatred" into Anti-Semitism was to give "Jew-hatred" a more scientific basis. However, it was never intended to eliminate the concept of hatred towards Jews based on the Christian conspiracies and legends so popular with the general population. In his book, "The Way to Victory of Germanicism over Judaism" (1879), Marr took up secular racist ideas of Arthur de Gobineau's "An Essay on the Inequality of Human Races" (1853, though direct influence is debatable). Marr's book became very popular, and in the same year he founded the "League of Anti-Semites" ("Antisemiten-Liga"), the first German organization committed specifically to combatting the alleged threat to Germany posed by the Jews, and advocating their forced removal from the country.

So far as can be ascertained, the word was first printed in 1881. In that year Marr published "Zwanglose Antisemitische Hefte," and Wilhelm Scherer used the term "Antisemiten" in the "Neue Freie Presse" of January. The related word semitism was coined around 1885. See also the coinage of the term "Palestinian" by Germans to refer to the nation or people known as Jews, as distinct from the religion of Judaism.
Charles "The Blogfather" Johnson found this article from the Jerusalem Post, British motion to boycott Israeli Academics
"The Palestinian call for boycott," Abuzaid added, "is similar in nature and in moral basis to the calls for boycotting apartheid in South Africa. Palestinians are calling upon intellectuals and academics around the world to uphold the same moral standards when dealing with Israel's own form of apartheid and colonial oppression."

"I completely agree with the comparisons to Apartheid in South Africa," Blackwell said. She called the potentially imminent boycott a "smart" rather than a "blanket" boycott.
"We are not attacking individuals, but the Israeli government policies and institutions and organizations complicit with government policies," Blackwell said.

In response to the Jerusalem Post's question about why Israel is the unique target of the boycott activists' struggle against human rights abuses, Blackwell responded that "Israel is in quite a unique position, because it has respectability and academic links with the West which it doesn't deserve."
Of course, to compare Israel's efforts to defend herself from terrorists who explode in pizzarias and on city buses in Tel Aviv to apartheid South Africa is dishonest in the extreme (at best). The only way that a person who is (supposedly) a trained academic to do it is to start from judenhass. Were Sue Blackwell honest, she would have answered that the reason why Israel is the unique target and other states like Saudi Arabia or Yemen (and many others) is because the Israelis are mostly Jews.

But Sue Blackwell cannot say that because antisemites feel a need to hide their hatred now, although that restriction is weakening.

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