Saturday, April 09, 2005

Liberals to Force New Constitution

Yale Law School is hosting a conference to develop plans to force a new "progressive" constitution on us through the exercise of judicial power. Power Line has the story, found via LGF.

This new constitution is to be implemented through a Second Bill of Rights. In this way they can get around the existing Constitution's requirements for its replacement. It will include all of the socialist favorites, redistribution of wealth including "affirmative" property distributions. Remember 40 acres and a mule? Where do you suppose that is going to come from?

Other ideas, disolve citizenship as we know it. Among the participants of the Conference is the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project. You can see where this is going. These are "transnational" ideas aimed at eliminating the United States as a country with borders and citizens. Charles at LGF notes
The “Open Society Institute” is, of course, George Soros’s tool for promoting his transnational agenda.
The "Open Society Institute" is among the organizers of the event.

They have a blog where you can see the nice words and euphenisms for a frankly socialist agenda. The Conference web site is here.

If you wanted to write a constitution for a country that you hate, this is what you would do.

Power Line had a spy at the conference who took notes (the sane students are good at this). Go to Power Line and read what these people have in store for your future.

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