Friday, April 01, 2005

Scientists Vow Loyalty to Kim Jong Il

The following from the KCNA, Scientists Meet to Vow Their Loyalty
Samjiyon, March 29 (KCNA) -- Scientists visiting the old home of leader Kim Jong Il in the secret camp of Mt. Paektu, the holy land of the revolution, held a meeting to vow their loyalty in front of his old home on Mar. 26. At the meeting the reporter and speakers said all the scientists would devote all their wisdom and enthusiasm to the scientific researches aimed at increasing the national power true to Kim Jong Il's Juche-oriented idea of attaching importance to science and his leadership.
They pointed out that they would channel great efforts into scientific researches to achieve a radical change in agricultural production this year and make a positive contribution to placing all fields of the national economy including power, coal and metal industries and railway transport on a modern IT basis.
They made a study tour of revolutionary battle sites and historical sites in the area of Mt. Paektu from Mar. 26 to 29.
During the tour they had diverse political and cultural programs. [emphasis mine - ed.]
While there may have been diverse political programs, diverse political ideas would get you killed.

And, btw, the Juche idea is why the people of North Korea are starving to death (when they are not busy being shot to death or gassed to death or poisoned to death or beaten to death or ...)
From an economic standpoint, Juche also calls for North Korea to be self-sufficient in industry and services, with as little foreign aid or interference as possible, and it has been applied more strenuously since the 1960's. Most of the economic focus has been on heavy industry, military spending, and agriculture, which North Korea considers its basic mainstays.

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