Saturday, April 30, 2005

James Kushiner Makes Sense of the Incomprehensible

Over at Mere Comments, the almost-a-blog space (they need a blogroll and/or comments) at the excellent Touchstone Magazine web site James Kushiner writes on the recent troubles in the Patriarchate of Jerusalem which include the absence of Patriarch Irinios from Good Friday services. Note that for Orthodox Christians, Great and Holy Friday was yesterday.
No Peace for Jerusalem
Quoting from Ecumenical News International;
On Palm Sunday, 24 April, when Orthodox Christians celebrated the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem before his crucifixion, Israeli police were called on to restore order at a church service. There Irineos faced chants of "Shame on You" from a crowd of Palestinian Orthodox Christians, some brandishing posters with the word "Judas" written on them.
...It would seem that every foolish word and gesture on the part of the Lord's followers in the Gospels, against which he warned them (and us) often, seems to be repeated, mirrored, in the conduct of his followers even 2,000 years later. Which just means that man seems to learn little, even when taught, and we badly need a Savior, and we need to listen to His teachings, and do them.
To understand the controversy (stupidly enough it revolves around a real estate transation) read Mr. Kushiner's post.

I am a long-time subscriber to this execllent magazine and urge all orthodox Christians of whatever stripe; Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, to subscribe. For all of the rest of my dear readers, to understand our thinking on issues of society and culture or politics and how those issues relate through a true belief in Christ as fully God and Man, you should subscribe to.

Touchstone Magazine did not pay me for that pitch, I just like them. Now if they would just put a blogroll on Mere Comments and add me to it...

Just kidding, go read and learn.


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