Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Bradley K. Martin on North Korea

The brilliant Jamie Glazov of FrontPage Magazine has another of his excellent interviews. This time it is with Bradley K. Martin who was been described by John Derbyshire in the National Review as a "Vietnam-addled lefty".

North Korea’s Death Chambers

This interview is well worth reading (and Mr. Martin does not do badly), including such insights as this;
While the people starved, Kim dined like the king he is. We have reports that every grain of rice intended for the leader's table had to be individually polished. But even if he exhibits a sense of entitlement so excessive as to astonish us, that doesn't make him a genocidal maniac. What we see is a traditional oriental despot.
Mr. Marin's information is a little dated. He reports a slight easing in the suffering of the North Korean people, which was true. The most current evidence is that the famine has worsened and aid to North Korea from all sources is being reduced. I have already posted information hinting at this with this as a source.

This interview is great reading and well worth everyone's attention.

A big hat tip to Tom the Pooklekufr (who is a Constitutionalist with two blogs, BTW). I admit it, he sets the hook and I bite.

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