Sunday, April 24, 2005

North Korea Identifies Worst Human Rights Abuser

On April 21st the "News Service" of the DPRK rejected the Resolution of the UNCHR and explained that Human Rights means only national sovereignty and nothing more. Since North Korea clearly has sovereignty over its concentration camp country, there is no human rights problem there.


Because I don't think it is possible for a communist country to have copyright rights, I'll reproduce the entire article. It was posted on the 21st but has a dateline of the 20th This is pure moonbattery.

"Resolution" of Meeting of UN Commission on Human Rights Rejected
Pyongyang, April 20 (KCNA) -- A "resolution" malignantly slandering the DPRK was adopted at the 61st meeting of the UN Commission on Human Rights held in Geneva recently. In this regard, a spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry released a statement today declaring that human rights precisely mean national sovereignty and the DPRK will take a decisive measure against the continued misuse of the human rights issue as leverage for anti-DPRK hostile campaign.

The DPRK will never recognize the "resolution", which groundlessly slandered it over the non-existent "human rights issue", and bitterly and categorically rejects it as part of the moves of the hostile forces to isolate and stifle it, the statement noted, and continued:

Like last year's, the recent "resolution" is peppered with poisonous articles and misinformation some dishonest forces of the world community have long cooked up to tarnish the image of the system in the DPRK and put pressure on it. It has reached the acme of politicization and selectivity.

The "resolution" is chiefly aimed to overthrow the system in the DPRK.

It is well known that the United States has regarded the human rights issue as well as the nuclear issue as main leverage to escalate the tension in the Korean Peninsula and isolate and stifle the DPRK.

In its annual "report on human rights situation", the U.S. has malignantly slandered the DPRK and other countries. [Iran, Syria, China, et al. are wonderful places, the U.S. and Japan are the true evildoers - ed.] Worse still, it adopted even the "North Korean Human Rights Act," spending a huge amount of money for its anti-DPRK campaign over the human rights issue and plugging its allied forces and even non-governmental organizations into the campaign.

The adoption of the recent "resolution", too, was one more sinister hostile act perpetrated by Western countries including Britain and Japan which have zealously joined the U.S. in the moves to stifle the DPRK at its instigation.

It is a politically motivated document, a clear indication of the high-handed practice of the West keen on applying selectivity and double standards in dealing with the human rights issues.

What is urgent for resolving the present world human rights issues is quite clear to everyone.

If the UN Commission on Human Rights is to properly discharge its mission, it is urgent to focus the debate on the U.S. above all.

The U.S. is chiefly to blame for human rights abuses and crimes against humanity as it is beset with poor human rights performances at home and has committed massacres of civilians and maltreatment of POWs in such illegal wars of aggression as the Iraqi war. Such being hard facts, the recent meeting mentioned no word about the U.S., the world's worst violator of human rights. It only attacked those progressive countries which have independently advanced contrary to the ideology of the West.

This eloquently proves that the commission allegedly handling human rights issues in the international arena has miserably played into the hands of those forces seeking a sinister political purpose in the human rights issue. [Yes, the sinister advancement of the idea of participatory government and the right not to be starved to death or killed for throwing a photo into the trash. - ed.]

The recent adoption of the "resolution" once again proved the truth that the human rights precisely mean national sovereignty.

For anyone to talk about national sovereignty and dignity without any strength to protect oneself is nothing but an empty talk.

We are convinced of this through our past history and our practice today.
The DPRK has invariably maintained the principle of reacting with the toughest stand to anyone who dares slander and provoke it.

Those countries which took the lead in seeking the adoption of the "resolution" hostile to the DPRK should clearly understand this and act with discretion.

In particular, we will certainly force Japan to pay for having brought the already settled "abduction issue" to Geneva for its inclusion in the "resolution" and kicked up an anti-DPRK racket.

Japan has not yet made any apology and compensation for the hideous crimes perpetrated against humanity in the past. It is, therefore, not qualified to be a leading member of the international community of good virtue and faith, much less having the face to talk about the human rights issue.

The man-centered socialism in the DPRK under which man is regarded as dearer than anything else and everything is made to serve him is happy home to its people as it provides them with genuine freedom and rights.

The U.S. and its allied hostile forces should know that their despicable anti-DPRK human rights racket is as foolish an act as trying to sweep the sea with a broom. Such act will only harden the determination of the army and people of the DPRK to protect their ideology and system at the cost of their lives.
Man-centered socialism has no higher moral view than himself. The morality that we have that tells us that it is not ok to kill someone who has not committed murder himself, that it is not ok to rape or steal or starve large populations, comes from a belief in God. What we have is an inversion of what is moral, death for life. If we want a man-centered, reason centered ethic we get Kim Jong Il and Peter Singer.

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