Wednesday, March 23, 2005

What Happened to Megumi Yokota - Part 2

Megumi Yokota was the schoolgirl abducted from Niigata in the map shown. Part 1 discussed the actual event of her kidnapping.

As mentioned in the previous post, after growing up she trained spies for the North Korean government. On December 11th, 2004 the Kyodo News Service reported; Abductee Yokota may have taught Japanese to N. Korean agent;
TOKYO, Dec. 11, Kyodo - A repatriated Japanese abductee says that Megumi Yokota, who was abducted to North Korea in 1977 at age 13, taught the Japanese language to a North Korean woman called ''Suk Ki,'' sources close to the abduction issue said Saturday.

Fukie Chimura has given the information to families of other abductees, the sources said, adding that Suk Ki might be Kim Suk Ki, who is believed to have underwent (sic) spy training along with former North Korean agent Kim Hyon Hui.
Nothing more is really known about her. The Dear Thug has provided three photographs of Megumi to her parents. You have already seen one. Here is another.

This photograph purports to show Megumi as a young woman. There are several problems with this picture. On November 18th the Mainichi Daily News reported, N. Korea accused of doctoring photo of missing abductee;
After returning to Japan, delegates gave copies of the three photos to the parents of Yokota, who was reportedly kidnapped at age 13.

Looking at one of them, which depicts an adult woman Pyongyang claimed to be Yokota, group members working for the missing people's relatives said Wednesday that it might have been doctored.

"The woman's shadow and the shadow of the trees in the background are cast in different directions," a group member said.

They suspect that the photo is a composite to hide a scene or a person in the original photo.
And, in an article published on November 19th, 2004 the Japan Times reported;
One of three photographs of Megumi Yokota provided by Pyongyang is probably a composite, a group working on behalf of North Korean abductees' relatives quoted a professional photographer as saying.

North Korea gave three pictures of what it claimed is the abductee to Japanese officials at the abduction talks that ended Monday.

"It is probably a composite photograph, because there are shadows in both directions," the photographer was quoted as saying.

Why would Kim go through such effort to fake evidence of Megumi's life? We will look at that in a later post.

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