Sunday, March 20, 2005

Public Execution in North Korea - Video

Kim Jong Il has loudly denied that public executions are carried out in the DPRK. Three days ago my wife was reading a Japanese news site when she found a video of recent public executions that occurred on two consecutive days. It is a 20.1mb .wmv file and I have been trying to figure out a way to get it on the internet so that I could provide you with the link.

The Mutant Frog Travelogue has solved the problem.

North Korea Public Execution

The video. Right click to save it to your computer. It is 20.1mb, so be patient.

The video shows two consecutive days. During the first day you see a group of people brought to watch the trial and execution. It occurs out at the execution ground with the posts prepared on the other side of a van. The trial takes about twenty minutes. The crowd is then led around the van and two of the prisoners are executed, the other nine sentenced to prison terms. The crime? Crossing into North Korea from China numerous times to help North Koreans escape and being paid by a broker in China to do it. Immediately after they are shot you can here a guard ask loudly "Are they dead?".

On the second day the "trial" is even quicker, with the execution posts being put up during the trial. One man is executed for the same crime. Following the execution a guard loudly announces to the crowd, "this is what you get if you do not respect and work for Kim Jong Il Shogun".

After that you hear a raspy voice telling of the events. That is the guy who took the video disguising his voice.

Now we know what one of Kim's non-existent public executions looks like.

UPDATE 8/20/06: It appears that all of the above links are long dead. Here is another video that I had saved on my computer hard drive. It is now at It shows only the executions of the second day.

Public Execution in North Korea


yochanan said...

the moonbat left will never mention this or any other stalinst crime. If they can blame America or Israel then they will but if stalin, mao, kim, pol pot saddam or anyother leftist commites genocide they will be silent.

Christian A. Beltram said...

The only way for such crimes against humanity in North Korea to end is if the Kim Jong Il regime is overthrown.

Anonymous said...

all the links I click on re: public execution in North Korea are broken or useless.