Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Conspiracy is Found Out!

The moonbats clear thinking political watchers over at Democratic Underground have discovered the truth about 9/11. Is it true that 9/11 was the day 2000 election results were to headline?. "Genius" posted;
Absolutely. A press conference had been scheduled for steps of capital by Bob Fertik, Prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi and Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. The results were going to show that Gore won Florida and the press conference was going to revolve around the removal of the loser from office. This press conference was widely publicized. It never took place though. Guess why.
Good thing that we were able to fool the Press. In Newsmax on Oct. 22nd, 2003 Phil Brennan wrote The Making of a Myth – The Creation of a Lie;
A couple of weeks after the 2000 presidential election I was talking to a nurse in my doctor's office. The nurse, a very bright young black lady, told me that her vote had not been counted. I ask her how she knew that. "Oh, I know," she said, without revealing how she knew.

Not wanting to cruise on that sea of invincible ignorance, I let the subject drop. Her vote among the tens of thousands counted in Palm Beach County simply hadn't been counted. She knew that. That was it.

It was also the first hint I had that a monstrous lie was being propagated – a myth that would become a mainstay of Democrat propaganda just as the Herbert Hoover myth was dredged up in presidential campaigns for many years afterward. Democrats ran against Hoover, just as they are now running against the GOP and the U.S. Supreme Court for allegedly stealing the 2000 election from the sainted Al Gore.
Boy, do we have them fooled or what. We almost got away with it. There is going to be a lot of discussion about this at the next meeting of the VRWC.

While knocking around the blogosphere I discovered that Jheka over at The Daily Blitz has posted on this also.

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