Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Democrats Learn from Nixon

You may have heard about that so-called "talking points" memo that was supposedly circulated to all Republican members of the U.S. Senate. Hindrocket at Power Line has a few things to say about that, A Fishy Story Gets Fishier;
We have expressed skepticism about the authenticity of the "talking points" memo; the most recent developments have only served to heighten our skepticism.

First, an alert reader pointed out that the copy of the memo that was leaked to a left-wing web site does not quite match the "exact, full copy of the document" as quoted by ABC News. ABC News identified four errors in the document, each noted with a (sic). The first such error is in the very first word, a misspelling of Terri Schiavo's name. (Interestingly, ABC did not note as an error the fact that the memo got the number of the Senate bill wrong.) But in the scanned version of the memo itself, as now leaked to the web, three of the four typographical errors have been corrected. So, what is going on? Is the memo now being presented as authentic one that was fabricated or, more likely, cleaned up after the fact?

Second, our Washington sources tell us that a number of Republican Senators say they did not receive, and have never seen, the memo. This contradicts the implication that the memo is some kind of official Republican document that was circulated to all Republican Senators.

Third, the only clear evidence as to the origin of the memo is that it was circulated by Democratic staffers. Tom Maguire, author of Just One Minute, wrote to point out this story from yesterday's New York Times:
As tensions festered among Republicans, Democratic aides passed out an unsigned one-page memorandum that they said had been distributed to Senate Republicans. "This is an important moral issue and the pro-life base will be excited that the Senate is debating this important issue," the memorandum said.
So the memo has been traced to a group of Democratic staffers. What evidence is there that its origins go back any farther? None, that we're aware of.
Sen. Frank Lautenberg (Moonbat-NJ) wants an investigation. I think he would regret it. Let's have that investigation. A nice big fat public transparent investigation. If this memo came from a Republican staffer, that that person must be instantly fired and his political career ended. I don' think that that is the case.

This is a Democrat dirty trick. And if the Democratic Party staffer that started it is found, he should be instantly fired and his political career ended. They won't do that though, they will protect him.

[Note to liberals, I use he/him in the correct English manner where, in context, it refers to both genders. If you don't understand that, buy a good grammar.]

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