Wednesday, March 02, 2005

CIA World Factbook - North Korea

The CIA World Factbook is an excellent resource that I used while underway on submarines. It includes pretty much everything a person would want to know about a country. The entry for North Korea is very informative.

I have to wonder though, under "Government type" it says;
Communist state one-man dictatorship
and under "Suffrage" it says;
17 years of age; universal
I understand that the CIA is reporting what North Korean law says about suffrage, and the CIA report is perfectly straight about the DPRK, it is "no holds barred". So, no criticism of the CIA, but of the DPRK and their hypocritical "laws" ... what the hell does "suffrage" mean in a one-man Communist dictatorship run by a mentally damaged malignantly narcissistic murdering freak like Kim Jong Il?

Read the report, that's an order.

Oh, and there's a map.

IMAO has a humorous take on the most recent news regarding North Korea: ignis fatuous.

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