Sunday, March 27, 2005

Liberals will Never Get It

I was looking at Ancient Faith Radio when I discovered Terry Mattingly's blog, GetReligion. One of the writers of that blog, Douglas LeBlanc wrote, Ashley Smith's vilification begins. Ashley Smith is the heroic woman who helped Atlanta police capture Brian Nichols. Brian Nichols is the guy who killed a judge, a court reporter, a Fulton County sheriff, and a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent on Friday, March 11th.
The story of Ashley Smith's heroism was bound to annoy some journalists as being too pat, too unbelievable, too much of a redemptive ending in a story of carnage and mayhem. Lee Siegel, television critic of The New Republic, raises some fair questions about whether Smith's story should be accepted uncritically, although reporters will have a difficult time gaining access to her captor, Brian Nichols, for some time to come.

Siegel's tone turns petty, however, when he characterizes CNN's coverage of Smith as an attempt to gain an audience among the 20 million readers of Rick Warren's Purpose-Driven Life.
Go read the whole piece for details and a wonderful conclusion where Mr. LeBlanc quotes Rabbi Philip Pohl, who compares Smith to the heroine from the book of Esther.

Apparently being a Christian is too great a crime to be forgiven.

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