Saturday, March 05, 2005

French Anti-Semitism Takes its Toll

Haaretz (yeah, Leftie™, I know) reports, Survey: 60,000 French Jews want to move to Israel.
Some 60,000 French Jews are interested in immigrating to Israel, according to Bar-Ilan University research conducted by Dr. Arik Cohen.

The research was based on questionnaires given to the 125,000 Jewish tourists from France who visited the country in the past summer. They constitute a third of the total population of French Jews [emphasis mine - ed.].

Of those asked, 52 percent said they see their future in Israel. Half of those aged 15-18 said they had personally experienced instances of anti-Semitism in the past four years. A third of the youth said they are considering immigration to Israel in the near future.
I have long commented at Little Green Footballs on the matter of French anti-Semitism and French preference for Arabism and Islam. Well, now they are reaping the fruit of their preferences. France has long been anti-Semitic and has only recently been backing away from that. It is too late. They have allowed their Muslims to live in their country without assimilating while at the same time abusing their Jews. Now their Jews want to leave. Well, what a shocker!

Call me a square old man, but I believe that everything has consequences, and that one must take responsibility for the consequences of one's actions, decisions, and words.

The Christian and Jewish beliefs, culture, and customs provide all that is civilizing about western culture. In France (and England and elsewhere) Christianity is being abandoned and the Jews are being persecuted while Islam is being encouraged by the authorities and the Left™ elite.

With the lose of their Jews and the abandonment of Christianity, they are lost. We in the U. S. will once again have to bail them out in the interest of our own national security.

They are on a greased slide to dhimmitude.

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