Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Kimchi Cures Avian Flu

This is too good to be true. From the Chosun Ilbo, Research Shows Kimchi May Be Effective Against Bird Flu;
Kimchi, a traditional Korean vegetable dish, has been found to be effective in treating avian influenza and other viral diseases affecting poultry.

A research team at Seoul National University said their findings show that a lactic enzyme in kimchi has remedial effects on chicken and other types of poultry, which had been infected with avian flu, Newcastle's disease and bronchitis.

The experiment was conducted on three groups of 13 chickens infected with the bird flu virus. The first group was given only water, while the other two groups were given either a concentrated or diluted fluid containing kimchi's lactic enzyme. A week later, all chickens in the first group died, but 11 chickens each in the second and third group survived.

"Kimchi is already known to have antibacterial powers. But this is the first time kimchi's effectiveness in curing viral diseases has been proven," said one researcher.

The team is planning to conduct further studies on the lactic enzyme and distribute it to poultry farms across the nation after obtaining permission from the National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service.

Arirang TV
My wife and I love Korean food and I do a lot of cooking with kimchi, so I am happy to report that there is good news for people too, The Beneficial Effects of Kimchi. We both have long believed that this stuff is healthy, and now we have validation [smiling].

It is one of the best foods in the world.

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Anonymous said...

I will be looking for this in our local grocery stores, and if they don't carry it I'll be requesting it.

As we have chickens I can feed it to them also in their water.
Thanx for posting that.