Thursday, March 24, 2005

Public Execution in North Korea - English Video

Here is streaming video from the Associated Press. This is only a video clip 56 seconds long. It is much easier to download, but leaves a lot out.

Their version of what is happening is different from the Japanese one. They believe that the crowd watching the trial and execution are simply curious onlookers. This is because news stories written at the AP are written by idiots.

Another difference is, they say the men are being tried for trying to cross into China. That differs from the Japanese version which says that the men were working with a Chinese broker to help North Koreans escape the country.

In fact the AP only got two things right, the manner of execution and the fact that the public execution is for the purpose of terrorizing North Koreans into remaining in the country.

I will always trust Japanese news sources over the AP.

My earlier post on this subject.

The Japanese Indepentent News Net video.

UPDATE 8/20/06: All of the links that I have posted for these videos are dead. I had a video saved on my hard drive that shows the execution of March 2nd in Yuson. I got it from

Public Execution in North Korea

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