Sunday, March 06, 2005

Note to Ward and the America-Hating Left

From FrontPage Magazine, a piece by David Yeagley, who really is an American Indian (Oklahoma Comanche), Listen, Ward: Real Indians Love America;
Ward Churchill wants everyone to think that Indians hate America. The truth is Indians love America, more than most people here. Today there are nearly 200,000 living American Indian veterans. That’s nearly one out of eight Indians. Churchill’s fake Indian voice, though loud, is way off-key. Real Indians honor America, and are quick to honor their warriors.

The percentage of Indians in the American military is proportionately higher than that of any other group, and Indians have been fighting for America since the war of 1812. Indians have served in all the major American wars, often without acknowledgement because they weren’t American citizens until 1924, when Congress declared them so. Indians serving in World War I, “the Great War,” served as volunteers.
The article goes on to discuss cases from Chief Red Fox Skiuhushu in 1917 to PFC Lori Piestewa, Sgt. Terrell Dawes and a number of heros in between including Medal of Honor awardees. For instance during World War II;
The service of American Indians during WWII is renowned. There were code talkers from some sixteen different tribes. A new book on Comanche code talkers provides invaluable information on Indians in modern military service: William C. Meadows, The Comanche Code Talkers of WWII, (2002). Indian code talking began with Oklahoma Choctaw Indians in WWI.
He goes on to write of his own experience when he lobbied to get legislation passed in Oklahome to teach public school students American patriotism and as a result lost his job;
Then there’s me, an Oklahoma Comanche who lobbied before the Oklahoma state legislature with the endorsement of Gov. Frank Keating, to create a bill to ensure the teaching of American patriotism in Oklahoma public schools. Of course, this has not yet come to pass, but I did manage to lose my teaching job at Oklahoma State University (OKC) over the publicity my efforts generated. (Call me a casualty of political war.)
Read the whole thing, it is excellent. Read the embedded links too, they describe Dr. Yeagley's battles with the Leftist™ totalitarian mindset in "higher education".

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