Sunday, February 26, 2006

Velvet Elvis, Jesus, and Muhammed

Yes, you've seen them at gas stations all over the United States. Painting on black velvet. Elvis is the most popular. In this spirit you can now get a Velvet Muhammed (click on the center thumbnail). From their press release:
With or without fluorescent paint, few things are as quintessentially kitschy as black velvet paintings. But many political leaders in Europe and the United States seem to agree with the Pope and the Islamic community that free speech is what's truly out of style. In response to this officially endorsed cultural intimidation, an international group of brave human rights activists, known as the Velvet Prophet People (, have created the Velvet Muhammad to demonstrate that "free speech is never in poor taste."

The Prophet, who shares a remarkable likeness to "the King," can be viewed in all his finery at - or soon, in the offices of several major Islamic organizations. The Velvet Prophet team is giving original, hand-painted Velvet Prophets to several of the groups inciting rage in Muslim communities. Gift recipients include Jamaí­a Islamiya, Arab European League, Muslim Council of Britain, Hizb-ut-Tahrir, Islamic Defenders Front, Islamic Circle of North America and the Organization of the Islamic Conference. These organizations, which were appalled by a few cartoons, will see for themselves that the Prophet looks much more dignified on black velvet.

The Velvet Prophet is also available to mere infidels. Global citizens who support freedom of expression and oppose the spread of culturally oppressive forms of Islam are hanging their very own Velvet Prophets in homes and businesses. If some true believers wish to murder us all for the sin of being human, we'll exercise our freedom to laugh about it.

All profits from the sale of Velvet Muhammad paintings, shirts and prints go to non-profit organizations that either support free speech or work against the growth of radical Islam.
A note on the website adds:
Please note that those organizations do not necessarily endorse the Velvet Prophet Protest. All death threats should be sent to Attn: Fatwa at Velvet Prophet People
This site has the Lizardoid Stamp of Blasphemy

I will be putting a button with a link to their sit in the sidebar.

Go there are read about the "Seven startling similarities between Elvis and Muhammad"

I just love the belt buckle.

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