Wednesday, February 22, 2006

ACLU Kills Antioch, California Man

In it continuing effort to eliminate all effective law enforcement tools and protect criminals nationwide, the ACLU has made it difficult for police in California to use TASERs. As a result, they are left with only their sidearms (something that the Left™ has been unable to take away from them).

Police Shot Him, But ACLU Killed Him;
( - Police in Antioch, Calif., shot and killed a man this week when he allegedly advanced on them with a carving knife and a meat fork.

Although a bullet killed 27-year-old Scott Dittman, it might not have happened if police could have used a TASER instead of a gun, a law enforcement lobbying group said on Friday.

The Law Enforcement Alliance of America calls Dittman's shooting the nation's "first real TASER death," and it pins the blame on the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California, which released a report in October, warning about the rise in Taser-related deaths.

Police went to Dittman's house around midnight Tuesday, after he called to complain about vampires prowling outside, press reports said.

Facing an armed and dangerous subject, police officers are entirely justified in using lethal force, the LEAA noted. But it called Dittman's death "exceptionally tragic" because police lacked less-lethal alternatives to subdue him.

Although the Antioch police department has TASERs, police officials apparently have suspended their use because of legal and political concerns.

In its October report, the ACLU of Northern California called for strong regulations on how police use the weapon.
Of course the ACLU has always relied on only the very best science in the studies that it uses to support its conclusions.
The report, "Stun Gun Fallacy: How the Lack of Taser Regulation Endangers Lives," was based on a survey of TASER policies and training in more than 50 police departments across central and northern California, the ACLU said.

The report said that since 1999, at least 148 people in the United States and Canada had died after police shocked them with TASERS. "More than half of those deaths occurred in the past year, of which 15 took place in northern and central California," the ACLU said in a press release.

The LEAA called the report "misleading and dangerous" and "junk science."

In its rebuttal, the LEAA said the study made "outrageous claims, unsubstantiated charges and ill-considered policy recommendations," including a recommendation that local governments adopt new, more restrictive policies regarding the use of TASERs by law enforcement officers.

"Sadly, the death of Scott Dittman was a predictable consequence of the dangers of letting the ACLU and politicians meddle with police safety and training," the LEAA said in a press release on Friday.

The LEAA warned several months ago that the ACLU study would "handcuff" police officers on the street by giving them fewer options for survival in potentially deadly confrontations. Fewer options lead to dangerous results for police, the public and suspects, the LEAA said at the time.
The ACLU could not possibly care less about public safety. They have an agenda that requires hobbling the police and other authorities, supporting and freeing the worst criminals whenever possible, the continual violation of our borders, an enforced lack of respect for our laws, and many other actions to harm the country that they hate the most of all, US.

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