Monday, February 13, 2006

An Email from a Friend

A friend with whom I work is a regular reader of this blog. She read my Religion of Mercy post and sent an email to me in response. She is a lovely and gentle young lady, I was shocked to read this;
Hello Michael,

I just read your "Religion of Mercy" post and felt compelled to comment. The picture says it all. I suppose I read this post more thoroughly because I have a relationship with Persians. Half of my family is from Iran. I bet you didn't know that. Most of them truly are merciless and think there is nothing wrong with torture. In fact, the man I know as my (step) father has said "I would have made a better Hitler. I would not have been caught and I would have got rid of all the Jews, blacks, and homeless people". That's compassion for you.

I watched some of the stoning video and couldn't help but get a little nauseous not only for the act they were performing but also from what they were shouting: Allah oh Achbad which means Praise be to (their) God. All in the name of religion and culture. Sickening. I thought I had it bad as a child but I am quickly humbled by realizing it could have been much worse...I could have been brought up in Iran.

You post mentions that the woman is being punished for adultery but in the Islam religion if a woman is raped it is also adultery and in most cases the woman will be stoned anyway. After all, under the direction of Allah the compassionate and merciful, woman are lower than dirt and children were made to serve their parents.
The last paragraph of her email has been deleted to conceal her identity.

This just makes my blood boil.

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