Saturday, February 25, 2006

Coming Genocide in Europe?

There is ethnic cleansing going on in Kosovo, and it is not what you think. The minority population there stands a good chance of being wiped out in a very short time (if it is not too late already).

Kosovo Bishop Warns Not to Hand Jihadists a Victory
( - A leading Serbian Orthodox bishop, visiting the U.S. on a mission of "peace and understanding," has warned the international community against granting independence to Kosovo, saying such a move would hand a victory to radical Muslims and their jihadist supporters.

Kosovo's independence from Serbia would also mean "a virtual sentence of extinction" for minority Serbs in the province, according to Dr. Artemije Radosavljevic, the bishop of the Serbian cities of Raska and Prizren.

He met with Cybercast News Service during a recent 20-day tour of the U.S. to discuss the fate of the troubled province, which is formally known as Kosovo and Metohija. This month, international talks are set to begin regarding Kosovo's final status.
Here is the News from Kosovo.

Of course these people are Orthodox Christian Serbs. Watch as the UN, the European "community", and the U.S. do nothing to help them. National independence for Kosovo is assured.

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