Monday, February 13, 2006

Historic Islamic Images of Muhammed

It is not true that images are forbidden in Islam. Here are a few. These are centuries old images made by Muslims. This is a sample.

The Birth of Muhammed, painted in Istanbul in 1594.

Muhammad and his companions
advancing on Mecca
. The angels Gabriel,
Michael, Israfil and Azrail, are also in the painting.
From Siyer-i Nebi: The Life of the Prophet 1595.

Muhammed, sitting on the Buraq
(a deer with the face of a woman) visiting Hell.
Note, his face is not veiled.

This is a Persian miniature painted by the Sultan Muhammed
in 1550 AD. It shows the "Prophet" Muhammed
ascending into the Heavens
on the Buraq.
This is known as the Miraj.

The Death of Muhammed, Istanbul, 1595

These images, and many more like them, can be found at the following sites;
Wikimedia Commons

Islamic and Middle Eastern Art during the Middle Ages. See Page 3.

Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey has a page of Ottoman religious miniatures.

zombie's Mohammed Image Archive

It is also interesting to read about the creation of Siyer-i Nebi: The Life of the Prophet and how the images in that volume came to be.

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