Saturday, February 18, 2006

RoP in Afghanistan and Our Hollywood Heroes

The Taleban is not dead yet. They are still beheading anyone who opposes them.

Afghan TV screens gruesome Taleban video
Disturbing video footage of beheaded bodies being paraded through the streets of southern Pakistan, in front of powerless police, has been broadcast today in Afghanistan.

Tolo TV, a private Afghan network, said that the men were killed a month ago in the tribal district of South Waziristan as a punishment for their opposition to the Taleban and al-Qaeda militias.

It would not reveal the source of the footage, whose authenticity has not been verified.

In one segment of the film, three decapitated heads are held up to cheers from a gathered crowd. Later, a number of bodies are seen being dragged behind a pick-up truck.

Crowds are heard chanting "long live Osama bin Laden" and "long live Mullah Omar", respectively the leaders of al-Qaeda and the Taleban.
They have been busy.
Last week, in a show of strength, 200 Taleban militants surrounded provincial government offices in the area killing more than 20 people in a failed attempt to capture the deputy governor. The beheaded bodies of two Afghan intellingence agents were found two days ago in a desert near the border with Iran.

The Taleban, toppled from power in a US-led military campaign in late 2001, regrouped on the border of Aghanistan and Pakistan was last year blamed for the deaths of 1,700 people in the area.
Of course, those who are Very Wise™ would have us understand that modern forces beyond our control, particularly rapid global communications and a commercial Fifth Column Press manipulate us into fighting wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq that we should never have started. [of couse WE did NOT start it at all, but liberals cannot see this - ed.], and because we are there, the President should be impeached.

Here is what one of the Very Wise™, in the person of Richard Dreyfuss, has to say:

On impeachment;
"There are causes worth fighting for even if you know that you will lose," Dreyfuss said during a speech at the National Press Club. "Unless you are willing to accept torture as part of a normal American political lexicon, unless you are willing to accept that leaving the Geneva Convention is fine and dandy, if you accept the expansion of wiretapping as business as usual, the only way to express this now is to embrace the difficult and perhaps embarrassing process of impeachment."
On the Media and the reaction to 9/11;
Nevertheless, Dreyfuss charged that "people can sometimes be pretty thoughtless, pretty terrified and do some pretty impressive damage" when they are wrong or "are the victims of political hypnosis." [That's right, wrong and hypnotised - ed.]

In the past, "time and distance played an amazing part in keeping the human race from killing itself," the actor noted. The need for revenge after an attack "inevitably weakened because it took a lot of time to get men into ships and move them to the right battlefield. Only those truly staunch of heart and truly zealous could keep up that hatred.

"But now, people in Kansas see the [Twin] Towers fall at the exact instant as people in Nigeria or Cairo," he said. "Instantaneous knowledge leads to instantaneous reaction, which creates a demand for an instantaneous, reflexive response."

Dreyfuss blamed part of that reaction on television newscasters, who "fill the air with the same terrible clips, the same blaring intro music, the same screaming fonts, and then the same clips again and the same screaming fonts again and again to fill up these news cycles."

"Television did this. Television created the sound bite and then shrunk it," the actor said. "Television replaced words with images so that people make extraordinary decisions based not on prose or any attempt at analysis," but on pictures instead.
The implication being that we should never have gone to war with anyone, even though Afganistan supported and protected Ossama bin Laden and his camps even after 9/11. In fact, al Qaeda constituted, de facto, the Afgani Armed Forces. In fact the Taleban fully supported terror attacks on the United States, but the Hollywood Very Wise™ would have us leave them alone.

I suppose that we are just supposed to embrace those who wish to kill us, and then die.

Thank for the advice, Dick.

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