Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Liberal Judenhass Watch - Anglican Church

The Anglican Church has voted to disinvest from all companies whose products are used by the Israeli government in the territories.

Lord Carey 'ashamed to be an Anglican'
The former archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday he was "ashamed to be an Anglican" following Monday's vote by the Church of England to disinvest from companies whose products are used by the Israeli government in the territories.

The February 6 divestment vote, which was backed by current Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, was "a most regrettable and one-sided statement," Lord Carey said, and one that "ignores the trauma of ordinary Jewish people" in Israel subjected to terrorist attacks.

Lord Carey joined Jewish leaders protesting the vote by the General Synod, the church's legislature, to adopt a "morally responsible investment in the Palestinian occupied territories and, in particular, to disinvest from companies profiting from the illegal occupation, such as Caterpillar Inc., until they change their policies."
And, as always, Israel is the problem. Not the mindless terrorist drones of Hamas, the PLO, Hizbollah, Islamic Jihad, etc. No, not them.
During the one-hour debate that preceded the vote, a letter from the Anglican bishop in Jerusalem, the Rt. Rev. Riah Abu al-Assal, condemning the Israeli government's use of Caterpillar tractors to demolish Palestinian homes was read to the synod.

The bishop of Chelmsford, the Rt. Rev. John Gladwin, said he held Israel responsible for the worsening plight of Palestinian Christians, telling the synod, "Caterpillar may be a company being used for dreadful purposes across the world, but the problem is not Caterpillar. The problem is the situation in the Middle East and the government of Israel."
As a personal note, I have known Orthodox Christians from Palestine who have come the the U.S. and all except one came here fleeing the Palestinian Authority and the thugs of Yasser Arafat, not the Israeli government.

If liberals would have us believe that Palestinian Christians are fleeing the Israelis, then what do they make of this?

Terrorists plant group's flag on parliament, declare beginning of hard-line Islamic rule
JERUSALEM – Moments after official election results this afternoon certified a large Hamas victory in Palestinian ballots, members of the terror group planted their green flags on the main parliament building in Ramallah, with some Hamas gunmen declaring hard-line Islamic law will soon be imposed in the West Bank and Gaza, Palestinian security sources in the area told WorldNetDaily.
But it's ok, these are cute and cuddley Palestinian Arabs who are just terribly misunderstood.

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