Saturday, February 11, 2006

A Christian and True Martyr

We have been seeing a lot of "martyrdom" Islamic style. This involves strapping a bomb belt onto yourself and, as you blow yourself up (suicide), you kill Jews or Americans at the same time.

The Christian way to martyrdom is significantly different.

A Christian Martyr in Iran
He was a Christian priest and his crime was changing his religion from Islam to Christianity. Dibaji had not only changed his religion, but as a clergy, he had tried to invite others to his religion. He had worked in places like north and west of Iran and even he had made travels to Afghanistan for preaching.

He was not one of my cellmates, and I noticed him because he was walking as person who was very satisfied and content. He was telling things slowly to himself that I could not understand at first. Later I came to know that he was reciting Christian hymns in Farsi and English. I asked him "why are you so joyful?" He said I am praying to God that has made this beautiful day possible for me. Look around you isn't it beautiful? The flowers, the sight of mountains and the huge trees are around us, and I am in the company of nice people. I am thankful to God.
His body was later found tortured and murdered in a forest near Tehran.


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