Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Leaving South Korea

I have long maintained that if the South Korean people hate us we should leave them to their fate.

It seems that politics is preventing the construction of a new bombing range (off the coast) that has long been promised and is required by our treaty with South Korea. If it is not started within 30 days, the US Air Force is outta there.

Yankee Threatens to Go Home
September 24, 2006: In another example of growing hostility of South Koreans to the presence of American troops in the country, the U.S. Air Force has threatened to move its fighter aircraft out of South Korea if the South Koreans do not, as they agreed to, start construction on a new bombing range (off the coast) within 30 days. The government agreed to this last year, but construction has been delayed by politicians opposed to the deal. As a result, American pilots must leave the country for training. The treaty covering U.S. forces in South Korea, obliges South Korea to provide these training areas. The old one was closed on the condition that a new one would be built. If the Americans go through with their threat, airpower available to defend South Korea will be cut by about twenty percent. In the event of a North Korean attack, the U.S. fighters could return within a week or so.
The South Koreans need to start thinking about what is really important. Stupid anti-American politics or being overrun by the North Koreans.

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