Saturday, September 23, 2006

9mm Ale

Read these results;
2006 North American Beer Awards Medal Winners. Note the results in the Specialty/Experimental category:
1) Boston Beer Co.-- Samuel Adams Utopias MMIII
2) Siletz Brewing—Siletz Chocolate Porter

Silver; Boston Beer Co.-- Samuel Adams Utopias MMV

Gold; Heads Up Brewing—9mm Ale
Today, on eBay, one bottle (22oz. with box) of Samual Adams Utopias MMIII has a bid of $349.00. Utopias MMV is not available. We at Head's Up paid $180 for a bottle of the MMV, but I am sure that a bottle would fetch very much more now.

You can go to Head's Up Brewing in Silverdale, Washington and make a 15 gallon batch of 9mm Ale for yourself.

I just finished bottling six cases of it.


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