Sunday, September 17, 2006

RoP Denies Being Evil

Muslims all over the world are upset that a 14th Century Byzantine Emperor, Manuel II Paleologus, said that converting people to Islam by the sword is evil. Representatives of the RoP and Muslims the world over are objecting to this, insisting that they are peaceful and telling us that if we do not believe that they are peaceful they will kill us.

An interesting position to take. I suppose that if I were to point out a tiny little problem of logic in their viewpoint they would wish to be "peaceful" with me too.

When was the last time that, having heard a prominent Muslim criticize Christianity, Christians attacked Mosques and threatened murder? That's right, never.

Pope's speech at University of Regensburg (full text)

Muslim leaders demand apology for Pope's 'medieval' remarks

Pope statement not enough: Muslim Brotherhood

The First Casualty of the Pope's Islam Speech

You have to love it when atheists, Muslims, or other non-Christian people tell Christians what a good Christian believes; Islamic world rails against 'Unchristian' Pope

5 churches attacked in Palestinian areas following Pope's comments on Islam

Somali cleric calls for pope's death

Gunmen shoot elderly nun dead
Details of the incident were sketchy and there was no immediate indication of a possible motive for the attack but it came amid fury among Somalia's powerful Islamist movement over comments made by Pope Benedict XVI deemed insulting to Islam.

On Friday, a prominent hardline Mogadishu cleric called for Muslims to "hunt down" and kill the pontiff for his remarks.

"Whoever offends our Prophet Mohammed should be killed on the spot by the nearest Muslim," Sheikh Abubukar Hassan Malin told worshippers at a mosque in southern Mogadishu.
The despicable New York Times tries to explain why all of this is ok; The Pope's Words

Charles has some pictures; Peaceful Religion Watch

UPDATE: Manuel II Paleologus knew what he was talking about. His capitol city, Constantinople, was besieged by Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I.
Hearing of his father's death in February 1391, Manuel II Palaiologos fled the Ottoman court and secured the capital against any potential claim by his nephew John VII. Although relations with John VII improved, the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I besieged Constantinople from 1394 to 1402. After some five years of siege, Manuel II entrusted the city to his nephew and embarked on a long trip to western courts (including those of the Kingdom of England, France, the Holy Roman Empire, and Aragon) to seek assistance against the Ottoman Empire.

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