Sunday, September 24, 2006

Democrats and Election Reform

Democrats make a lot of noise about how Republicans stole the 2000 and 2004 Presidential elections. In 2000 it was the fiasco in Florida with the U.S. Supreme Court having to rule that the Florida election results were valid and that the recounts must stop. This, of course, got Mrs. Clinton to declare that President Bush was selected, not elected.

In 2004 it was the fact of long lines at certain precincts in Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland. The late delivery of electronic voting machines was apparently for the purpose of disenfranchising voters. How this was is a bit foggy.

Democrats also allege that the electronic voting machine, by Diebold, were fixed by that company to deliver votes for Mr. Bush.

You would think that they would get behind a bill to ensure clean elections. You would be wrong.

Federal Election Integrity Act of 2006

Vote fraud invariably benefits Democrats. Illegal aliens voting, felons, dead people (in Chicago we used to call this "the Riverside vote"), individuals voting several times. Ask anyone from the State of Washington. These are the votes that put Her Majesty into the Governor's Office.

Results of the vote for the Federal Election Integrity Act;
Republican: Yea - 224; Nay - 3; Present - 0; Not Voting - 3
Democrats: Yea - 4; Nay - 192; Present - 0; Not Voting - 5
Independent: Yea - 0; Nay - 1; Present - 0; Not Voting - 0

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