Saturday, September 09, 2006

Kiev Schools to Teach Christianity

It is good to see that there is at least one Christian country that is willing to teach its Christian culture to its children. With every other country in the world giving up their moral senses and/or bowing to Islam, it is important to transmit our own culture to our children, and Kiev is going to do it.

Of course there are critics.

Kiev Schools Look to Reinforce Ukraine's Christian Heritage
KIEV, Ukraine (AP) - Some public schools in the Ukrainian capital will begin teaching Christian ethics this year in an experimental program aimed at reinforcing the country's thousand-year Christian heritage, Kiev city officials said Thursday.

The course, titled "Christian Ethics in Ukrainian Culture: The Path of Good," raised concern among Kiev's minority Jewish population, and among state education officials, who called its introduction premature.

The class for 6-year-olds will be launched in 100 of Kiev's 527 schools, reaching about 6,000 pupils. Any parent can choose to have a child opt out of the lessons. Next year, city officials aim to have the lessons reach all of the capital's 21,100 first-grade students.

Ukraine, which is predominantly Orthodox Christian, has flirted before with the idea of introducing a religion-based ethics class, but earlier plans ran into opposition from the country's Jews and Muslims. This latest project also sparked some concerns, but the Kiev city administration - headed by a mayor who once sent a Bible to every Ukrainian lawmaker - has vowed to go ahead. "There is a path of good and a path of evil, and wherever God acts, the devil also appears," Deputy Mayor Vitaliy Zhuravsky said. "Whoever opposes introducing Christian ethics - for me, that's devilry."
I agree.

They are not forcing anyone to become Christian, they are teaching ethics. And remember, their Constitution is not the same as ours. They can, and should, do this. I wish we could.

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