Friday, September 01, 2006

Video - Children of North Korea

Orphan children with no money must pull individual grains of rice out of the mud right in front of stalls selling food.

Liberals and the Left™ make a lot of noise about how socialist and communist countries feed their poor. This video makes it very clear that this is just a lie.

From Discovery/Times,
North Korea - Children of the Secret State

Watch how a country descends into cannibalism.

Watch how valuable farmland in a starving country is plowed under and planted with opium.

Watch how food aid, the most per capita of any country on earth, is diverted from those who need it.

Watch how aid agencies are forbidden to feed starving children standing right in front of them so that the food aid can be given to the Army.

Watch witnesses, including former guards, describe the grossest treatment and murder of people imprisoned for exactly nothing.

Watch how the world's most monstrous government starves its children.

The end of Kim Jong-Il and his monstrous cronies cannot come to soon.

Watch the whole thing, it is only 45 minutes long and it is heartbreaking.

A big "thank you" to Andrew, who linked this video in a comment on the Who is Ahn Chol? post.

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