Saturday, March 25, 2006

South Koreans Warm to U.S.

Poll: S. Koreans warming to U.S., see China as longterm threat;
Some 38 percent of South Koreans think China could emerge as their country'’s biggest security threat in a decade, according to a recent poll by the Korea Institute for Defense Analyses, a state-run think tank.

The March 19 survey indicated that South Koreans are increasingly concerned about China's rapidly growing influence while Seoul's anti-U.S. sentiment appears to be slowly easing.

Also, 81.7 percent of respondents described the United States as the most helpful to South Korea, followed by distant runners-up China with 6.1 percent and Japan 4.5 percent. 5.4 percent cited North Korea as the most helpful country to South Korea.
Perhaps, but for the reasons that I stated here, I still think that we should remove our armed forces and use them elsewhere.

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