Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Liberal Judenhass Watch - Dershowitz Answers Harvard

I posted a piece about the excreble "study" by anti-semites at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. That post included a link to the paper. That document has now been altered to remove the logos of the J.F.K. School and Harvard University. Also, a disclaimer has been added that wasn't there before. I have not done a paragraph by paragraph comparison, but the disclaimer on the original document says that it has been "reworked". Here is the disclaimer;
The two authors of this Working Paper are solely responsible for the views expressed in it. As academic institutions, Harvard University and the University of Chicago do not take positions on the scholarship of individual faculty, and this article should not be interpreted or portrayed as reflecting the official position of either institution.

An edited and reworked version of this paper was published in the London Review of Books Vol. 28, No. 6 (March 23, 2006), and is available online at
Here is the link to the "reworked" version; The Israel Lobby, by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt. At first glance it seems that the only changes involve the removal of footnoting. All of the other vile lies are still there. This is the most filthy judenhass.

One would expect that Dr. Alan Dershowitz, having been criticized as an "apologist" for Israel in this piece, would have something to say. He does.

'AIPAC study is ignorant propaganda'
Dershowitz slammed the authors - Stephan Walt, from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard and John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago - and challenged them to a public debate at the Kennedy School.

"You have to counter this article", Dershowitz told The Jerusalem Post, "These are two serious scholars and you need to expose what they have done as ignorant propaganda".

Dershowitz, who is now working on a paper which will refute the claims in the Walt-Mearsheimer article, argues that there is no original material in it and that "the challenge is to find a single idea in the piece that does not already appear in hate websites. There is no scholarship here what so ever".
Another famous person has a somewht different opinion of the "study";
The paper won praise from David Duke, a white supremacist and former Klan leader. Duke told the New York Sun he was surprised "how excellent" the paper is and said that it "validates every major point" he has made during the past years.
CAMERA has something to say about it as well, Study Decrying “Israel Lobby” Marred by Numerous Errors. This is a first-rate fisking and deserves its own post (which, when I have the time, it will get). Don't wait, read it now.

CAMERA has also preserved the original front page with the original logos. See it here, Harvard Backs Away from "Israel Lobby" Professors; Removes Logo from Controversial Paper

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