Monday, March 27, 2006

Liberal Judenhass Watch - Jimmy Carter

JOSHUAPUNDIT fisks the recent pronouncement of Jimmy Carter in support of HAMAS, the group that still wants to kill every Jew in the Middle East.

In Jimmy Carter soils himself in print Freedom Fighter finds both the lies...
"With Israel's approval, the Carter Center has monitored all three Palestinian elections. They have all been honest and peaceful, with the results accepted by winners and losers."

Which elections are you talking about. Mr. Carter? The Stalin-like one where Arafat ran unopposed except for an 80 year old woman who told everybody to vote for Arafat? Or the most recent one that featured gun battles between Hamas and Fatah supporters, and had the Palestinian 'security' forces voting in their barracks under the eyes of their officers?
and the stupidities;
"The pre-eminent obstacle to peace is Israel's colonisation of Palestine."

No, Mr. Carter. The pre-eminent obstacle to peace, as you put it, is the Arab refusal to live next to Jews in peace and equality.That's the central issue, and if it weren't, where the borders were wouldn't be important.

There are almost a million Arabs who live in Israel as citizens, with the right to vote and the full protection of law. Care to show me a similar community of Jews with those rights in the Arab world?
Freedom Fighter nails it, go read the whole thing.

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