Saturday, March 11, 2006

U.S. Suceeds Despite the Press

Despite the best efforts of the Fifth Column Fourth Estate, we are winning the war in Iraq. Not only that, we are doing good things for the Iraqi people, and they are grateful.

'Job Is Getting Done' in Iraq, Despite US Press, Veterans Say
However, "we were not there as conquerors but as liberators," Gibson stated. "That was our mission."

Gibson also pointed to what he called two "tipping points" in the ongoing conflict that took place during 2005. "These junctures are decisive indicators of coalition victories over the insurgency," he said. "Most Iraqis understand them, but most Americans do not."

The first "tipping point" occurred last March, when the number of Iraqi security forces on the ground surpassed those of coalition troops, he said. Then on Dec. 15, Iraqis elected their first national four-year legislature with a turnout that was impressive even in the central and western areas of the country, where rebels are the strongest.

"This obviously strengthened the government, but more subtly, it splintered the insurgency," Gibson asserted, noting that the two primary insurgent groups - leftovers from the Baathist Party of former dictator Saddam Hussein and members of the terrorist al Qaeda network -- have different political goals.

"The Baathist diehards simply want power. They hope to wait the coalition out; then re-assert their traditional dominance over the Shi'a and the Kurds," he said. "But al Qaeda in Iraq wants an Islamic theocracy.

"As long as the coalition remained the primary target, the Baathists and al Qaeda could operate together, but that has changed with the growth in the numbers and confidence of Iraqi security forces," Gibson added. "The insurgents are no longer dealing with an occupation army but with the forces of an elected government -- and these forces are extremely popular."
When liberals refer to the "catastrophe in Iraq", they lie.
"A lousy day under the coalition yields a body count far under the Baathists," Gibson stated. "In Baghdad today, terrorists may kill you with an ill-timed IED (Improvised Explosive Device), but the Baathist secret police no longer comes to your door, takes your relatives, puts them in a cell, tortures them, kills them and then bills you for the bullets."
But John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, John Murtha and others would have you believe that we are destroying Iraq, terrorizing women and children in their beds at night, and "summarily executing and killing tens of thousands of people". They lie, and lie, and lie.

To see the "evil" that we really are doing in Iraq see Defend America News - Rebuilding Iraq.

Remember, no major press outlet wants you to know what we are really doing in Iraq. They deceive using disingenous headlines and only a few carefully selected events. They quote only the enemy or liberals like themselves who lie, and then present that as news. They will forge documents if they have to. They have an agenda, and that agenda is not served by letting you know that we are winning the war or that we are helping a grateful Iraq.

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