Monday, August 14, 2006

A Small Step

Of course abortionists will argue with great vigor that an abortion is not the taking of a human life, or the killing of a baby, or any such thing. It is simply the removal of some undesired tissue from a woman's body. But we who are Orthodox (and orthodox) Christians know differently. It fact, so do the abortionists. So it should not be a big surprise when the line between born and unborn gets a little blurred. In fact, isn't it unfair discrimination to make that distinction? Birthophobic, perhaps? (note to humorless liberals, this is sarcasm).

If one is willing to kill an unborn child, then why not one that has just immediately been born?

Abortionists investigated for possible baby murder
Authorities report their investigation includes the potential for homicide charges, as well as evidence tampering. The baby reportedly was 12 inches long and weighed up to three pounds, an age and weight at which premature infants can survive outside the womb.

Witnesses reported to police the 18-year-old woman, whose name wasn't released, went to the clinic at about 22 weeks of pregnancy for an abortion, then returned the next day complaining of pain. Clinic workers said the doctor wasn't available and she would have to wait.

The witnesses reported that she was taken into a recovery room, where she gave birth to the child she thought had been aborted the day before.

"Employees cut the umbilical cord, put the baby in a bag and walked away with it," Hialeah Lt. Ralph Garcia said.

After the anonymous 9-1-1 call, police responded but found no body. Then they returned a second time, following a second call, and found the body in the biohazard bag. Detectives say it's possible clinic workers moved the body during the first visit, to avoid detection, according to

Bell said her organization and others concerned about life repeatedly have tried to get basic health clinic rules applied to abortion businesses, without success to date.

"Unfortunately, that's the mentality of this country, that the abortion business is not subject (to rules)," she told WorldNetDaily. "This is the result of that."

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