Saturday, August 19, 2006

Good Advice for Arabs

Ahmed Al-Jarallah, Editor-in-Chief of the Arab Times has a few good words of advice for the Arab world. Of course his ideas have no future.

Confront reality, 'accept defeat'

The version at Watching America has a cartoon.
Soon Syria and Iran will start spreading illusions of victory, especially after the issuance of UN Resolution 1706 (sic), doing a repeat of 1967 when Gamal Abdul Nasser and other intellectual terrorist groups attempted to turn a disgracing defeat into a temporary setback. In the name of “Liberating Palestine,” the Nasserites succeeded only in destroying Egypt’s economy and future. There is no winner in Lebanon. Hezbollah’s defeat has affected everything in Lebanon - including its people, buildings, and infrastructure. However, some Lebanese politicians, who are followers of the Syrian regime, won’t be able to avoid coming up with misleading statements praising Hassan Nasrallah for achieving victory.

At the moment all we want is the elimination of these misleading groups because the Arab world cannot afford any more defeats. We must help people of all Arab countries know the facts to ensure they don’t repeat the mistakes of Palestinians who are currently ruing their decision to reject the division of Palestine, the Camp David accord, and former US President Bill Clinton’s initiatives. We want a comprehensive and unified Arab decision to close the mouths of such misleading intellectual terrorist groups.

The Arab world must face reality and accept it has been defeated. This will help Arabs to identify their real enemies and be prepared to defend themselves in the future. Arabs should understand it will be a fatal mistake to challenge a powerful enemy and lead their countries into a dreadful adventure like Nasrallah and then urge the Arab and Islamic worlds to come to the rescue.
Since this column was published we have seen exactly what Mr. Al-Jarallah predicted, supported by a willing dhimmified Press.

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