Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Islamic Tolerance in Ethiopia

We read and hear a great deal about how tolerant the Religion of Peace™ is of other faiths. Here is an example of the tolerance of Islam for Christianity.

"Severe Persecution" for Christians in Western Ethiopia; Believer Crucified
ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA (BosNewsLife) -- Christians in Muslim-dominated regions of Ethiopia faced another tense Sunday, August 13, amid what Christian investigators describe as "severe but under-reported persecution," including the crucifixion of one Christian believer.

Human rights group Voice Of the Martyrs Canada (VOMC) said its workers have learned that the situation is especially serious in the country's Western regions of Bambesi and Tongo near the Sudanese border.

Among recent incidents, VOMC mentioned that last month, July 5, a convert from Islam, identified as Shek Hamed Adem, was severely beaten and hanged on a cross. "While beating him, the crowd told him, "Jesus was hanged on a cross and beaten and as his follower you also deserve the same punishment," VOMC said.

Later, July 20, "hundreds of Muslims occupied the compound of a Christian woman and forcibly erected a mosque on her property. The building was erected as part of a plan to build a mosque every two kilometers (1.2 miles)," the group added.
Read it all. Several different instances of Islamic persecution of Christians are listed.

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