Monday, August 28, 2006

Scenes of North Korean Life

Chinese tourists in North Korea have been taking photographs and posting them on the internet. The article linked below references Photofans and North Korea Today. I am not sure if my links are the referenced sites, but I believe that they are.

The Chinese people who travel to North Korea see something that their own government tries to deny.

"Kim Jong Il Retire... South Korea Seize North Korea" say Chinese Internet Users
Recently, Chinese internet users are raising criticism on the North Korean regime.

Inside photos of North Korea have been successively posted on Chinese websites (DailyNK report 23rd, Aug 2006) criticizing the Kim Jong Il regime with remarks 'North Korea must instigate reform' and 'What generation is this that they are still starving?'

On 25th August, the DailyNK searched internet sites 'Photofans' and 'North Korea Today.' These sites exposed inside photos of North Korea and were full of criticism such as "Two Kims should retire from their position and South Korea seize North Korea" "Overthrow the government like Saddam Hussein."

Particularly since the missile launch last July 5th, Chinese Internet users have been showing greater interest. In addition crime amongst defectors around the North Korea-China border and home raids by North Korean commanding officers on Chinese soil have incited aversion towards the North Korean regime amidst Chinese people.

Chinese website 'Photofans' is a site powered by Chinese photo enthusiasts and for a while has been publicizing inside photos of North Korea.

Recently 'Photofans' exposed photos of North Korean soldiers going about their daily lives, taken by sightseers touring on the Yalu River. On this website, hundreds of photos taken by the sightseers and other Chinese tourists visiting North Korea are being posted continuously.

The photos below were posted by a person with an ID 'Fat lamb.' Comments made by internet users give an indication of the response of Chinese internet users towards the North Korean government.

On the website 'North Korea Today' some internet users have made sympathetic remarks such as "When will the North Korean people experience a shining day" and "Two Kims should retire from their position and South Korea seize North Korea" as well as more aggressive remarks such as "Kim Jong Il who is dragging his people into turmoil should undoubtedly retire. He should be overthrown like Saddam Hussein." There was also a comment "Marxist is not at fault. It is all because of Kim Jong Il's distortion."
Go to the article to see scenes of life in North Korea.

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