Sunday, May 29, 2005

Thank You Newsweek

And the rest of the MSM. It is NOT George Bush's or America's fault.

The Pakistan Observer reports, Anti-US rallies to protest against Quran desecration - Qazi, Fazl address rallies at Islamabad, Peshawar;
islamabad—President Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) Qazi Hussain Ahmed MNA said that the Islamic movements cannot be stopped by the nefarious designs of the anti Islamic forces by killing 17 and injuring scores innocent devotees in the blast at the Shrine of Bari Imam, on a day when millions of Muslims are demonstrating world over to condemn the sacrilege of the Holy Quran by the US army personnel at Guantanamo Bay.

He said this while addressing a big rally at Constitution Avenue before Parliament House organized by MMA here Friday.

Qazi Hussain Ahmed said that they made a call to observe a protest day internationally. Such rallies are also being held in Washington, London, Cairo, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and in rest of the world where Muslims are living. He said that the incident of Guantanamo Bay is in fact a warning for the Muslim Ummah to rise and protect the Islamic Shuair-i-Islam. There was test case for the entire Muslim world.

He observed that it was heinous crime committed by the enemy in which our rulers are equally responsible who in the name of terrorism handed over the people to them. He said that now the Islamic revolution is unavoidable.

Qazi Hussain Ahmed was very optimistic and said that Muslims are united, while pointing out to the rally that all the people gathered here under one banner and one slogan to protect the sanctity of the Holy Book. We have witnessed the destruction of one super power and Insha-Ullah will see the destruction of the other in near future. There is only one super power that is God Almighty. He said such a rally could be held only for the common cause of Islam, as there is no sectarian problem in the ranks of Muslim community. He recalled that the shocking incident demands that the alleged criminals must be handed over to us for their fair trial under Islamic law.

He said that the government is determined to hand over all the wealthy national assets like PTCL, airports and others to the multinationals for easy access by the anti-Islamic forces to grab national wealth, but we will not allow this to happen. Qazi Hussain Ahmed assured the minorities that they enjoy equal rights under the banner of Islam and guaranteed them protection of life and property.
With its tradition of fair trials and equal rights for minorities, how could anyone think that Islam could be acting unreasonably?
Addressing the workers, various religious and political leaders demanded Islamabad to cut off diplomatic ties with Washington and send back US ambassador besides cancelling the forthcoming visit of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

They vowed to continue protests until US President George W Bush apologized to entire Muslim world and handed over the culprit soldiers for publicly hanging which is the punishment of the crime, they committed.

Severely condemning the blast at a shrine in Islamabad killing dozens of people, the speakers termed it a move of Washington carried out by its agents sitting in Islamabad to counter the global movement against the desecration of Quran and creating rifts among the Muslim unity.
Yes! The explosion was the result of a conspiracy after all. Muslims don't explode bombs on innocent people, don't ya know.
Addressing the participants, Liaquat Baloch held the agents of Washington, Islamabad and the secular lobby sitting in the power corridors responsible for Islamabad blast.

He said US was attacking Muslims’ belief and civilization to usurp their freedom through its agents like Gen Musharraf. He expressed hopes that mounting agitation against Musharraf would force him to step down very soon.
With the government of General Musharraf to be replaced by that aforementioned fair and beneficent Islamic State.
Fazl demanded that the culprits involved in these sacrilegious acts should be handed over to Pakistan in order to penalize and hang them publicly so that in future nobody could dare to make joke of Islamic rituals and obligations.
After that fair trail, of course (Channeling Sheriff Cobb in Silverado).
The MMA leader said that till date the USA failed to give a single solid reason that could justify its naked aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq. He elaborated that in fact America was not against terrorism rather it was against the Muslims and engaged itself in a war against the Muslim countries.
Of course there was no reason at all.


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