Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Neat Trick for Blogger Bloggers on Haloscan

evariste at Discarded Lies found this trackback autodiscovery code by the Ogre. It is a bit of code to add to your template that will automatically send you a trackback ping if someone links to you from a Movable Type or WordPress blog. If you use Blogger and want to help your friends who use Movable Type or WordPress, give this a try. You will see no effect on your blog, but your friends at those other blogs will have an easier time sending you trackbacks.

You can test it by asking one of those other bloggers for a link, but do it for a post that you put up after you add the code to your template. Blogger, at least in my case, does not update the template for old posts.

You will also not make zorkmidden grumpy or contribute to evariste's suffering.

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