Saturday, May 14, 2005

Inverted Reality

Kim Jong Il and the monsters that run North Korea are engaging in a serious case of projection, U.S. Denounced for Taking Issue with DPRK's Penal System
Pyongyang, May 13 (KCNA) -- The United States has shouted itself hoarse over the "human rights issue" of the DPRK and, as if it were not enough, is now peddling a ware taking issue even with its penal system under the national law, thus misleading public opinion. Commenting on this a Rodong Sinmun analyst Friday says:

This does not deserve even a passing note, being intended to besmear the international image of the DPRK and topple its system.

What matters is that the U.S., the worst human rights buser in the world which has the most nefarious penal system and engages itself in aggression,murder and interference in others' internal affairs every where in the world, is overreaching itself in talking rubbish about other's penal system. The U.S. is not in a position to wag its tongue about others' penal system.

Truth to tell, the U.S. is an empire of devils with the most pernicious and brutal penal system where murder and looting are a part and parcel of culture. It was the first in the world to enforce and maintain the punishing method of binding the limbs of prisoners to electric chairs to torture and kill them. This method has a history of one hundred and scores of years since it was effected in the U.S. in 1890.

It is the height of sarcasm that the U.S. is crying for "human rights" and "democracy" while covering up its crimes and true colors as the hideous kingpin of human rights abuses. This is an insult to and mockery of true human rights and democracy.

The U.S. criticism of the DPRK's national law, which entirely agrees with its conditions and the interests and demand of its people, can never be tolerated as it is an act to vilify and pull down Korean-style socialism.

The U.S. should not distort and decry and point an accusing finger at the national laws pertaining to the sovereignty of other countries, but abolish,first of all, its most cruel and brutal penal system and methods and stop aggression, human rights abuses and interference in others' internal affairs.

For the U.S. to seek the "overthrow" of the DPRK's system by despicable and malicious means is a daydream of an idiot as foolish as attempting to cover the sun with a palm.
I think Soon Ok Lee would beg to differ. Read her story if you can stand it.
I have to express this in words that I witnessed such an inhumane hell (crying). I was captured in October ’86, and I was imprisoned in ’87 and in May 1988. I cannot forget about this. The guards kicked me with their boots, and I was forced to do work that I never had done before.

Once they picked out 50 persons from our group, and they put them in the auditorium and gave them a piece of boiled Korean cabbage, and then as soon as they ate it, blood came out from their mouth and anus. And they died. I saw that in 20 or 30 minutes they died like this in that place.

Looking at that scene, I lost my mind. Was this reality or a nightmare? And then I screamed and was sent out of the auditorium. It was biochemical testing, using just a bit, the substance just 1/10,000. I cannot forget that image. I wonder how a human being can kill another healthy human being like that.
Read it all.

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