Sunday, May 22, 2005

Saudis Shred Bibles - Christians Fail to go Insane!

Saudi Arabia (an enemy) likes to tell us that they respect all religious expression, with a special place for Jews and Christians as "people of the book". Of course Jews are forbidden entry into Saudi Arabia and an ongoing campaign exists, conducted by Muslims with the support of the Saudis, to exterminate them. As for Christians, Saudis Shred Bibles, Rights Campaigners Claim
( - Bibles found in the possession of visitors to Saudi Arabia are routinely confiscated by customs officials, and in some cases copies allegedly have been put through a paper shredder, according to religious rights campaigners.

Reports from the Islamic world of the abuse of Bibles and other items important to Christians emerge from time to time, but generally have little impact - in contrast to the wave of Muslim anger sparked by a Newsweek report, since retracted, of Koran desecration by the U.S. military.
And it's not just shredding. Our "friends" the Saudis have much more in store for you if you should happen to have more than a single Bible with you.
"If you have more than one Bible you will be taken into custody, and if you have a quantity of Bibles you will be given 70 lashes for sure - you could even be executed."
If you should happen to be an person who is obviously a pious Christian, a monk or nun perhaps, then you get special treatment;
A friend of his, a fellow Christian in Saudi Arabia, told him of witnessing a particularly unpleasant incident involving a Catholic nun.

The man had been in the transit lounge at the airport in Jeddah - the gateway to Mecca, used by millions of Hajj pilgrims each year - when a nun arrived at the customs desk.

"Some fool [travel agent] had put her on a transit flight in Jeddah. You don't do that to a Catholic nun, because she's going to be tormented."

"They opened her bag, went through her prayer book, put the prayer book through the shredder ... took the crucifix off her neck and smashed it, tormented her for many minutes."
It is not just the Saudis, it is Islam.
Some of the more notorious reported incidents of Muslims abusing Christian symbols implicate Palestinian radicals, including the trashing of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem in 2002; and the desecration of Maronite churches in Damour, Lebanon in 1976.

In the Damour episode, Yasser Arafat's PLO killed more than 500 of the Christian town's inhabitants before turning it into a stronghold, and used the interior of the St. Elias church for a shooting range, according to published accounts.
Islam is the problem. It is the greatest threat to civilized humanity on the planet today.

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